One Of A Kind Convertible Home

Dated: 01/20/2016

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This beautiful barn is actually a glass house with a sliding facadeglass-house-sliding-facadePhotos: dRMM

Located in the English countryside, this A-frame home and its sliding facade were designed by UK architecture firm dRMM. The idea, according to the studio’s website, was to create an adaptable space in which the owners could “grow food, entertain and enjoy the landscape.” The project encompasses three separate buildings: the main house, guest house and a garage — with the opportunity to add a pool down the road.

sliding glass house

The facade itself is a 20-ton steel and timber structure that slides up and down the property on rail tracks. It’s powered by electric motors on wheels that are integrated into the wall. Changing the position of the facade exposes open-air living spaces, such as a rooftop terrace bathroom.

sliding glass house 4sliding glass house 5sliding glass house 6sliding glass house 7

Indeed, it is one of the most beautiful and ingenious glass houses we’ve ever seen. Want more like it? Right this way.

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