Selling Your Home

Dated: 08/13/2015

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As you drive around town are you seeing more and more "Pending" signs

and think "Maybe now is the right time to sell?"

There is no mysterious formula to selling quickly.  Here are a few tips for what helps sell a home.

1. Your home should be  clean and uncluttered.  A cluttered home makes a buyer think to much about

   all of your stuff and not enough about your house.

2. No lingering "smells" either from pets or cooking or most of all smoking.

3. Neutral paint colors at least in the main rooms. Many a buyer has walked

    away from a home thinking "it needs work" when all it needs is paint.

    Most buyers are thinking of all the work moving is and don't want additional work.

4. Price the home right the first time. Listen to your Realtor they didn't pull

    a number out of a hat. They spent time researching and calculating the

    appropriate price.

Listen to your Realtor when you ask them "what do I need to do to get my home ready for sale?"

Make a list and do it! Usually it is a handful of inexpensive fixes that have a big impact. Such as

power washing the deck or porch, a fresh coat of paint on the front door. Walking through the home

and looking for pieces of loose trim or chipped paint to repair. Shampoo your carpets. Tidy up your

landscaping. Many a  buyer has fallen in love with a home when they pull into the driveway.

Lastly listen to seasoned pros. Here is a great article by bob Villa.

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