Three Things Any Realtor ® Will Want To Know About You

Dated: 02/24/2016

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Have you ever called a Realtor® with the intention of buying a home? 

Have you ever wondered why they all want information from you? 

There are three basic questions that a Realtor® will need to know about you. 

If you are serious about purchasing a home or vacant lot or are in need of the services a Realtor® provides, then you need to know the answers to these questions.

We need this information before we take you out to look at property that is owned by someone else. The key here is "owned by someone else". 

We do not, can not, would not and should not be taking unqualified potential buyers out to wander through houses they will never be able to purchase. People that are selling their homes want to know that people walking through their home can actually qualify to buy it. 

When we schedule an appointment to show a home, we are temporarily putting the homeowner out of their house to provide an exclusive tour of the property for you.

If you can't possibly ever qualify for a loan, we have just wasted our time, the homeowners time and your time. No one wants to waste their time, especially the homeowner who may be getting frequent calls from Realtors® for showings. 


These are basic questions for potential home buyers to have at the ready when speaking with a realtor in an attempt to tour a property .     

1. Will you be paying cash or will you need a mortgage?

2. If you need a mortgage for your purchase, have you made application via a bank or mortgage broker?

3. Are you currently working with an agent and if so, why aren't you calling that agent to help you find a property?

Once you get these three questions out of the way, you are well on your way to making an offer on a property you can afford! 

If you need a lender, most  Realtors® have someone available they can refer you to.


Pre approval or proof of funds are a basic fundamental to buying a house. Happy house hunting!

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